Purchase a MEMBERSHIP:  Each entity (school, organization) must purchase a MEMBERSHIP from the international Odyssey organization.  This will give you access to the six full problems, a copy of the Program Guide and other valuable information.  This MEMBERSHIP allows you to register, for competition, one team in each division, in each problem.  If 2 teams in the same division and problem want to compete in the same problem, you can purchase a second MEMBERSHIP at a discounted price.  Fee $135.00



 Register to attend COACH CAFE #1:   Learn from our region’s "experts." Training sessions recommended for ALL COACHES.  Sessions are for the novice, intermediate, and advanced.  FREE

Register to attend COACH TRAINING #2-Competition Edition: This is a very informative round table training/ discussion for all new coaches.  We'll discuss many of your competition day concerns: How the day plays out...  What to expect... How to get your scores?  How to be prepared, and much more!   FREE

Register to attend COACH TRAINING #3: Moving On Up:  This final coach session if for all teams advancing to State Finals.  Casual round table format brings experienced and new coaches together to discuss all things related to State Finals!   FREE



Register to attend JUDGE TRAINING:   This training is for all Long Term and Spontaneous judges  - even if you are only judging spontaneous for Fun Day.  Because it is a mandatory training, when you register as a judge on the national site, we will expect you at training.   There is no separate registration just for training.  Please follow link to register as a judge.   In this very informative training, judges will dissect the problem and learn how to be a great Odyssey judge.



Register to attend SPONTANEOUS FUN DAY

In order to compete in Fun Day, you must:

  1. Register a TEAM for Fun Day: Each team consists of up to 7 members and they do not have to be on the same Odyssey team.  This is just a practice session in a competitive setting.

  2. Register a JUDGE:  Each TEAM must register one judge who will attend Judge Training in their problem and who will act as judge at Spontaneous Fun Day.

  3. Register a VOLUNTEER for FUN DAY:  Each TEAM participating in Spontaneous Fun Day must register one volunteer who can help run the Fun Day event.

Teams also choose a fun & unique FUN DAY Team Name (up to 15 characters.)  You will be asked the name on the registration form.  

Cost $10. Payment info.


wpa regional tournament

Registration deadline: january 15

Register a TEAM to compete in the WPA Regional Tournament:

Registration for the WPA Regional Tournament will take you to the MEMBERS AREA of the National Site,  Once you log-in, you can register your Team, your Long Term Judge, your Spontaneous Judge, and your Volunteer.  To get to the members area, link HERE.  More tournament info HERE.

The FEE to compete in the WPA Tournament is $100 per team/per problem - limit 1 problems per team.  Payment Info.