Sunday creativity festival

Date: TBD
Location: Community Day School

Thank you for being a part of the Odyssey of the Mind Sunday Creativity Festival. 

This event is by invitation only and is focused on providing an Odyssey of the Mind competitive experience for organizations who, for religious reasons, are not able to compete in the Saturday WPA Odyssey events.

It is our goal to enable a rich and vibrant educational experience for all students - in a fun, exciting environment.  If your organization would like to be a part of htis event, please contact the WPA Regional Coordinators.    

TEAM REGISTRATION will be open soon.

Link HERE to register your team, judges and volunteers for the tournament.  You will need to log in using your Membership # and School Zip Code.  

​Things to know... for Coaches.

  1. The Competition SCHEDULE is available approximately 2 weeks before the Festival.

  2. Teams are given a time to perform their Long Term Problem and another time to compete in their Spontaneous problem.  

  3. Teams are required to report to the Long Term STAGING AREA 15 minutes before their scheduled competition time.

  4. For the Spontaneous competition, teams are to report to the Spontaneous HOLDING ROOM - 15 minutes before they are schedule to compete.

  5. Audience members can see the Long Term solutions, but are not permitted in the Spontaneous competition rooms.

  6. LINK to information for COACHES.

  7. Clarifications: After the problems are published at the beginning of each season, coaches, teams and officials are allowed to asked for clarifications on the problems.  This process is open through February 15.  At times, clarifications are posted about each problem which helps to further define or clarify something about the problem.  Teams need to be aware of all the posted clarifications concerning their problem.  The posted clarifications for this year's problems, can be found HERE.

JUDGE & VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION will be open soon. If  you know who your volunteers are, please email the names and email addresses to

A few more things to know... for Coaches.

  1. There is a maximum of 7 students allowed on a team.  

  2. There is a maximum of 5 students who compete in the spontaneous problem.  

  3. Each team will need to complete paperwork and bring it to the competition.  Paperwork includes, 4 copies of the Style Form, 4 Copies of the Cost Form, 4 copies of the Team List Form, 1 copy of the Outside Assistance Form.  These all can be found under the DOWNLOADS tab of the members area.  They are vital in helping the judges know what to judge.  

  4. Each team will need a Membership Sign to be on view during their Long Term performance.  It should include the Membership Name and Number, but can also be decorated to be a part of the solution.

  5. A copy of the Program Guide can be viewed on line after you log in to the Members Area.  In that Guide are additional details needed to solve the problem relating to cost form, style form, the sign, tips on coaching spontaneous, etc.  Take a brief look through the book and see what you learn.  

  6. All of the creation, design, construction and development of anything related to the team's solution, needs to be generated and executed by the team alone - no adults or other students.  When someone other than the team helps, this is called Outside Assistance.  The role of the adult is to build teamwork, supply experiences that could generate ideas, initiate goal setting, facilitate brainstorming, etc.  We say in Odyssey, if the team can't do it - then the team should find another way.  So if your team is too young to handle a hot glue gun, then they should find another way to adhere things together.  There's more about Outside Assistance in the Program Guide.

  7. For your competition, we will be taking pre-orders for Merchandise to be delivered the day-of.  Look for that!  We love seeing kids wearing Odyssey gear!