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Paul H. Dunn, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

This Application is Due: Sunday, February 4, 2024, by 11:59 PM

$500 Scholarship for HS Seniors who participated in and loved WPA Odyssey of the Mind, who embody the spirit of Odyssey, and whose time as an Omer helped develop their character.  Seniors do not need to be competing on an Odyssey team this year.

The application consists essentially of 3 short essays.

The WPA Odyssey of the Mind Paul H. Dunn Jr. Memorial Scholarship was

established in 2022 to honor Paul H. Dunn Jr. who passed away from cancer on

June 12, 2021. The goal is to recognize one high school student, each year, who exemplifies the many qualities in Paul his friends and family admire and respect.

Background: Paul began his Odyssey of the Mind journey when his son was in sixth grade and asked him to be a judge for his team. For over 25 years, Paul volunteered his time as a Regional, State, and World Finals judge, and as an Assistant and Regional Problem Captain. He was a familiar face at WPA Fun Day, giving teams an opportunity to test their structures before competition day. Nothing gave Paul more pleasure than to see a team who had been struggling, finally create a successful structure. Among his Odyssey family, Paul was truly admired for many great qualities, including his positive attitude, his thoughtful perspective, and his genuine love for mentoring students to be their best. Paul's influence brought out the best in those around him.

Paul will always be remembered by those that knew him as a caring, friendly, and loving man. He was admired by family and friends for his determination, perseverance, fighting spirit, kind words, and positive attitude.

In honor of Paul's passion and commitment to mentoring students through Odyssey of the Mind, we are pleased to announce this scholarship for $500 awarded annually, at the WPA Odyssey of the Mind Tournament, to one student who, through their experience in Odyssey of the Mind, show qualities we so miss in Paul - perseverance, thoughtful perspective, mentorship, creativity, & spirit of volunteering - someone who brings out the best in those around him.

Extended to 2/12/24!

Please forward these links to the people you've selected to provide this information or direct them to this page.

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