See below for notes or recordings of various training and group meetings

2022-2023 season

WPA Odyssey Round Table Discussions
Notes from the monthly Zoom meetings, including the Coach and Coordinator SAMPLE TIMEFRAMES.  Will be updated each month

2021-2022 season

PPT: Movin' On Up: Training for Advancing Coaches 2022
PPT of presentation used at Coach Training #3 for Coaches Advancing to State Finals

PPT: A Zoomin' Spontaneous Fun Day 2022
PPT of the presentation used for Fun Day activities, including Verbal, Hands-on, and Verbal Hands on workshop notes.  Plus 2022 spont updates

PDF of new guidelines being used by WPA concerning token system, all team members participating etc. 

Coach Training #1: Advanced LT Coaching PPT
Notes for advanced Long Term coach training

Coach Training #1: Novice LT Coaching PPT
Notes for novice Long Term coach training