See below for various training and information materials that refer to new happenings this virtual year.  (link in photos)


March 15, 2021

Advancing to STATE FINALS

  • General updates: tips from judging

  • Virtual submissions overview

  • Spontaneous practice & submitting

  • Long Term & Style - making it State's worthy!

COVID Compliance Form

February 27, 2021

  • Required. Upload with your paperwork.

Virtual Submission Checklist!

February 18, 2021

  • A great, concise resource for submitting virtually!

Spontaneous Tips in a Virtual Year

February 18, 2021

  • Be sure to practice the virtual spontaneous problems linked from the MEMBER AREA.  Spontaneous IPC Joy Kurtz has provided a letter to coaches with helpful guidance for practicing virtual spontaneous.

    Titled “Spontaneous Problem Captain's letter to Coach(pdf),“ It can be found in the team login area, along with links for virtual spontaneous practice problems.  Please read the note BEFORE doing the online practice problems.  You'll get a change to use the program as it will be used for the competition. 

Submitting Your Virtual Solution & More (ppt)

February 11, 2021

  • Closer look at Membership area when submitting, tips for teams, coaches and more!


January 30, 2021

  • General updates: see events tab for latest update on submission dates

  • Virtual submissions overview

  • Spontaneous practice & submitting

  • Long Term paperwork & more

WPA INFO SESSION: Coach Training #1 Open Forum

Jan 19, 2021

  • updated judge requirements

  • Q & A

Covid 19

Link on PHOTO for a WPA document of Virtual Spont. Tips!

pa virtual touney info ppt thumbnail.png