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Hello Judges!!

Thank you for your interest in judging for your team and

for the Western PA Odyssey of the Mind program!


Through the generosity of time and talent, our judges contribute their skills, knowledge and interests to provide an amazing experience for the students. Just like an Odyssey of the Mind team, we want our judges to capitalize on their strengths when donating their time and energy .

We hope you’ll find judging to be a very satisfying and uplifting experience. You’ll be amazed at the creativity and uniqueness of the teams’ performances.​

Top 10 things Judges should know.

1.  There are 2 types of judges - Spontaneous Judges and Long Term Judges. 

2.  Teams are required to provide each type of judge, or they risk incurring a penalty.  

3.  If you are asked to judge for a team, it is very important that you fulfill this commitment to your team. 

4.  Judges are required to attend a Regional Judge Training. They are also required to attend or view the recording of the Judge Focused Roundtable #6 Zoom Training hosted in January. Link for Training details & Judge Registration.

5.  If Judges run into any problem fulfilling their commitment to their team, they should notify the Problem Captain ASAP and discuss solutions.  

6.  Judges are trained in the same problem as the team they represent but they judge in a different division.  (You will not be judging your children.)

7.  Judges will likely not be able to see their team’s performance.

8.  Long Term Judges whose teams advance to the State Finals will be required to advance with the team.

9.  Spontaneous Judges whose teams advance to State Finals could be required to advance with the team.  

10.  Judges come back year and again because they truly enjoy being with the teams and experiencing all they have created!  Odyssey judging is a great experience!


THANK YOU! for your time and efforts.

It is only through the dedication and support of volunteers like you that we

are able to provide such a high quality program for our students.

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