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judge training & registration

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Mandatory Training for all Judges
This is a mandatory training session for all judges, Long Term and Spontaneous, who will be judging at the WPA Regional Competition, PA State Finals, or Spontaneous Fun Day.  The teams have worked so long and hard on their solutions, the best we can give them are informed and thoughtful judges to assess their work.
Get in-depth knowledge of the area you will be judging: Spontaneous, Long Term, or Style. 
Get trained by your Problem Captain and learn more about what is expected on competition day.
 Please bring the following materials to Judge Training:
  • The Membership number and the Membership Name of the team you represent.
  • If you are a Long–term Judge, you will need a copy of the Long-term problem that you will be judging.
  • If you are a Spontaneous Judge, you do not need a copy of the Long–term problem.
  • Ideally, you should have a copy of the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide, but the important points will be given to you in your training.

NOTE: Because this is a mandatory training for all judges (Spontaneous and Long Term,) you do not need to register to attend this session.  All judges need to register as a judge with National Odyssey - pink link below.  We will expect everyone who is registered to attend this session.  

NOTE:  Additionally, Spontaneous Judges who have been to a WPA Spontaneous training and have judged teams for 2+ years can request to be trained at the earlier/shorter training session.  This is for Spontaneous judges ONLY. Please sign up for early spontaneous (yellow link below) in addition to the standard Judge registration (pink.)  

NOTE: Coaches who would like to attend SPONTANEOUS Judge Training, to gain insight, need to register using the green link.  If a coach plans to be their team's judge for Spontaneous Fun Day, you must also register with National Odyssey using the pink link.

Training Schedule

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Morning Coffee + Pizza lunch

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