pa state odyssey

PA State Finals: April 4, 2020
Lock Haven University

Overview of PA Odyssey of the Mind

Western PA Odyssey of the Mind is a part of the PA Association of Odyssey of the Mind.  

Creativity Unlimited in Pennsylvania (CU in PA) is the non-profit organization which runs PA Odyssey.  All of the State and Regional Odyssey Board members are unpaid volunteers - who love all things OotM!

PA Odyssey runs our State Competition - registration, location, judges, merchandise, etc.  The State Problem Captains and Regional Directors are a part of the State Board - in addition to others. 


PA Odyssey also manages a few Scholarships, one of which is for HS Seniors and they manage a Jump Start program for 1st time memberships.  

We Made it to States!!

It's exciting when a team has "made it to states!"  But everyone may wonder, Now What?

Here are some tips on what to do and expect... When you make it to States!

1.  Advancing coaches should attend the Advancer's Meeting which is held directly after the Regional awards ceremony.  You will receive timely info there!


2. Make hotel reservations for the team, coach and parents.  Rooms fill up quickly.  This is a great job for a parent to do.

3.  Teams can revamp their solution.  They should get together and examine their scores and brainstorm how to  make their solution States Worthy!!

4.  Coaches should attend Coach Training #3: Moving on Up!  This gives pointers on analyzing scores, ways to improve, what to expect at States, and more.

5.  Teams may need to secure extra funds to pay for additional supplies, registration fee, and other related costs.  This is a great time for parents and coaches to talk to the school board or parent organizations, to run a fundraiser or solicit sponsors.  

6.  The team's Long Term judge, who was trained and worked a competition, needs to go with the team to judge at State Finals.  Coaches and judges need to coordinate and make sure this is working out. 


7.  Each membership going to States needs to send a certain number of Spontaneous Judges based on the number of teams going in that membership.  (See requirements)   Spont. judges, coaches and coordinators need to figure out who is going to represent the membership.


8.  If a problem arises with sending a required judge, teams need to brainstorm a solution.  When back up support is needed, please contact your RDs and your State PC , asap.

9.  Teams will be "advanced" to State Finals by the Regional Director - you do not have to register.  But you do need to pay the registration fee.


10.  Coaches should go back into their original registration and add in the comments section any requests pertaining to scheduling.


For more information on the State Association, please link to their website at or contact the State Association DirectorJerry Owens,